Food Safety & Quality

Food Safety and Quality Control Matters

We partner with our growers individually, understand their farming practices and have on-the-ground experience at their farms. It is a great pleasure to work with these growers from planning, all the way through post-harvest handling.  We also partner with South Carolina Department of Agriculture and Clemson Extension service in crop planning, food safety/traceability and post-harvest handling. Our process is transparent at every step, from growing and producing to storage and distribution. We provide you with specific grower information at the point of sale, so you and those you serve will know exactly by whom and how your food was grown. We do all of this because your safety is paramount to us and we care about the products that we are offering.

Quality is so important. The products come directly from the farm where they are packed brought into the Pee Dee Food Hub for a brief stay within our coolers.  The produce will be inspected, aggregated and prepared for shipment.  You will notice that our products have some field soil or “dirt” on them.  This to keep the produce as fresh as possible for the longest period of time once you get it home.  We recommend you follow the South Carolina Produce Guide (click to download and print) and wash and clean produce prior to preparing it for consumption.  It is my pleasure to play an important role in getting this awesome produce to your table!



Sam McGill, Warehouse and Food Quality Manager

Produce Storage Guide:
Broccoli – Store at 32 F in fridge with 100% humidity.
Lettuce – Store at 32 F with 85-95% humidity
Kale – Store at 32 F in fridge with 95% humidity
Squash – Store at 45-55 F with 95% humidity
Cucumbers – Store at 50-55 F with 95% humidity
Radishes – Store at 32 F with 90-95% humidity
Fingerling Potatoes – Store in dark area between 45-60 F with 90% humidity
Blueberries – Store at 32-36 F with greater than 90% humidity

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