What is the Pee Dee FoodHub?

The Pee Dee FoodHub has been established as a part of the Pee Dee Agriporium with a mission “To connect quality local foods from local farmers to local customers.” These customers consist of restaurants, grocers, businesses, institutions and community groups. This is an effort to meet the growing demand for SC Certified Grown produce and other products. The demand is for local, fresh, safe, quality products. The Pee Dee Food Hub is here to market, sell, aggregate and deliver these products from the farms around the Pee Dee to these markets.

Why buy Local?

The food we supply is, on average, 1,200 miles fresher than food shipped to our region from distant growing areas. This food is road weary and not picked at its peak ripeness. This process loses some taste and nutritional values that our local food can keep. We buy direct from farms, without brokers or middlemen. Our market-oriented approach keeps money in the local economy, supports local farms and employs local people.

How do you make sure the food is safe?

We partner with South Carolina Department of Agriculture and Clemson Extension service in crop planning, food safety/traceability and post-harvest handling. We have a Food Quality Manager on staff who checks our food for safety and quality every day. He conducts an annual safety audit of each of our growers based on the USDA’s Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) protocol, and implements a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan of food safety at our facility.

How do I know where my food comes from?

We partner with our growers individually, understand their farming practices and have on-the-ground experience at their farms. Our process is transparent at every step, from growing and producing to storage and distribution. We provide you with specific grower information at the point of sale, so you and those you serve will know exactly by whom and how your food was grown.

How do my purchases support local farmers?

By connecting local farms to our markets, by encouraging sustainable growing practices and by paying a fair price, we make it possible for growers to improve and preserve farmland in our region. This also keeps money in our local economy instead of shipping it far away for other places to utilize.

What is your definition of local?

Throughout the growing season Pee Dee FoodHub strives to source food from local producers within 100 miles of our facility in Marion, SC.

What do you offer during the winter months?

We provide a full array of seasonal food grown by local farmers in winter, some greenhouse crops, storage crops like apples, value added products, potatoes, sweet potatoes, nuts, eggs, and fresh frozen products.

Visit our Carolina Farm Share FAQ section for more information on this exciting new program.

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