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What is Carolina Farm Share (CFS)?

Carolina Farm Share operates as a unique CSA which is a production and marketing model whereby consumer buy shares of a farm’s harvest in advance. Carolina Farm Share is offered through the Pee Dee FoodHub. Consumers become Carolina Farm Share members by paying an agreed amount at the beginning of the growing season, either in one lump sum or in installments by payroll deduct where available.

What is a CSA?

Community-supported agriculture (CSA; sometimes known as community-shared agriculture) is an alternative, locally based economic model of agriculture and food distribution. A CSA also refers to a particular network or association of individuals who have pledged to support one or more local farms, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production. CSA members, or subscribers, pay at the onset of the growing season for a share of the anticipated harvest; once harvesting begins, they periodically receive shares of produce. In addition to produce, some CSA services may include additional farm products like honey, eggs, dairy, fruit, flowers and meat.

How does Carolina Farm Share (CFS) work?

Carolina Farm Share is a two-way seasonal commitment between you and the farmer of the Pee Dee FoodHub. Each member pays for a seasonal share of food, and in exchange receives an array of mixed seasonal produce and a dozen eggs. It is similar to a membership or buying club – each member becomes a part of the farm’s local food community by supporting their local farmers and committing to eating locally all season long. CFS creates a true farm to table experience.

What if I can’t pick up my share?

If you can’t pick up your share we strongly encourage you to ask a friend, neighbor, or family member to grab it for you or it can be donated.

How much is the Carolina Farm Share? What are my payment options?

Small Share – Only $25 per delivery (plus 1% local option tax)
Appropriate for 1-2 People

Spring – *$202.00 (8 deliveries/2 per month)
Fall – *$252.50 (10 deliveries/2 per month)
Annual – *$454.50 (18 deliveries/2 per month)

Medium Share – Only $35 per delivery (plus 1% local option tax)
Appropriate for 3-4 People

Spring – *$282.80 (8 deliveries/2 per month)
Fall – *$353.50 (10 deliveries/2 per month)
Annual – *$636.30 (18 deliveries/2 per month)

Large Share – Only $45 per delivery (plus 1% local option tax)
Appropriate for 4-6 People

Spring – *$363.60 (8 deliveries/2 per month)
Fall – *$454.50 (10 deliveries/2 per month)
Annual – *$818.10 (18 deliveries/2 per month)

* Price includes the applicable local option tax.

Payment options are payroll deduction, check, bank draft and limited credit card options.

Where does all of the food come from?

Our Carolina Farm Share is a cooperative model, which means that we purchase all of the food from local farmers, who are members of the Pee Dee FoodHub. We define local as within about 100 miles of Marion, SC. We partner with local farms, Clemson University Extension Service, South Carolina Department of Agriculture, and others to form a complete team approach. The Pee Dee FoodHub also works with the farmers on crop planning, food safety/traceability and Post-harvest handling to ensure a local and safe product for you and your family.

Is our food organic?

Pee Dee Foodhub’s mission includes supporting our local food system by working with a variety of local farmers. In order to get access to a broad spectrum of local foods, we simply cannot limit ourselves to organics. Many farmers use more progressive practices, like integrated pest management, that are closer to organic than conventional methods, but are still not certified organic. Our produce is not all certified organic – some of it is – just ask us, we’ll know. We are considering offering certified organic food shares in the future.

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