Pee Dee Food Hub

What is the Pee Dee FoodHub?

The Pee Dee FoodHub has been established with a mission “To connect quality local foods from local farmers to local customers.”  These customers consist of restaurants, groceries, businesses, institutions and community groups.  This is an effort to meet the growing demand for SC Certified Grown produce and other products.  The demand is for local, fresh, safe, quality products to help improve the health and wellness of folks within the Pee Dee Region.

The Pee Dee FoodHub is here to market, sell, aggregate and deliver these products from the farms around the Pee Dee to these markets. Farm to workplace is the Carolina Farm Share which operates as a unique CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), which is a production and marketing model whereby consumers buy shares of a farm’s harvest in advance. The theme of our model is “Healthy Local Food is Good Business”.  The focus is on anchor institutions such as: businesses, hospitals, schools and places of worship.   This gives the Pee Dee FoodHub the opportunity to help these organizations and businesses improve: health and wellness; food safety and traceability; stronger work / community environment for their employees and members.  Additionally it helps create a stronger local economy by purchasing produce from local farms and keeping their food dollars within our local community.


The Pee Dee FoodHub is located in the center of the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina at 3215 Bluff Road, Marion, SC.  This gives us the opportunity to service the entire Pee Dee Region by partnering with 30+ growers from nine counties in year one and expanding each season to meet the growing demand.  We are also logistically located to best serve the businesses, restaurants and communities in the region.  We are fortunate to be located in Marion County and to serve the entire Pee Dee.

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